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The Bantry Bay Clan

Debbie Keegan
410 W Cadence Ct
Chesnee, SC  29323

Phone: (724) 694-8396



The Bantry Bay Story

At the southern tip of Ireland, in County Cork, you’ll find the quite and peaceful village of Bantry Bay. As you look away from the small fishing boats docked in Glengarriff Harbour towards the soft green rolling hills, you notice a small flock of sheep moving slowly towards a distant shepherd. Guiding the sheep from behind, carefully watching for any strays that might be hiding, is a dog—a proud dog with an aura of strength and agility—a stable and self-confident dog that shows no signs of shyness or aggression—a Bearded Collie.

While on our honeymoon, my husband and I saw our first Beardie in that small Irish fishing village. I knew then that I wanted to raise and breed Beardies. I also knew that I would name our kennel after that little village, Bantry Bay. Three years later, we purchased Erin and Bantry Bay Beardies was founded.

Erin was a great show dog, excellent herder, and an exceptional mother. She taught us so much about the quality of the breed. About a year later we purchased Tara, a fun loving brown to keep Erin company.

Tara was born with Dysplasia and we could not show or breed her. So we wanted to find something for her to do fun that she would love. She was our Therapy Dog and won the Westinghouse Community Service award for her work. She helped promote the breed through �Tara�s Story� and her therapy work with both dogs and people.

When Erin had her first litter,  Finnigan was born. She proudly became our first born Bantry Bay Champion. Finnigan was also an exceptional mother as Erin and a wonderful athletic. Finnigan needed a playmate and we needed a Stud Dog. In 1995 along came this fun loving, class clown, macho, rolly polly stay black puppy with big brown eyes that could melt your heart. He was my shadow, and the love of my life. His name was Guinness.

Guinness was the most intelligent dog I ever met. He produced outstanding litters that had the most remarkable personalities. He was not the �Typical� bearded collie, he was a favorite of everybody who ever met him. Guinness�s tribute  is on the Memorial page. It was so cute he was the protector of the �Girls� and devoted to me as if I was one of his girls. He was truly the most amazing dog I ever had.

Finnigan had her last litter and we decided to keep a stay-black and call her Vegas. Vegas also had a super personality, and kept the quality of our lines exceptional with her puppies. The structure and personalities of our puppies keep getting better than we could ever imagine.

Vegas is now retired also and we decided to keep a black girl from her very last litter in 2006. Her name is Morgan. To keep Morgan company as Tara kept Erin company we decided to purchase Chloe who is a Stay-brown female and the granddaughter of Finnigan. We plan on breeding and showing these two beautiful girls this year. Look for updates on our �puppy page and show page�.

Sadly Guinness passed away in 2008 and left a huge hole in our hearts and family. Then at Christmas a miracle happened. While visiting Jan�s new litter with no intention of purchasing a puppy, we walked into the puppy nursery. Looking up at us with big brown eyes set a rolly polly fuzzy black boy who was the carbon copy of our Guinness. As if it was meant to be Dugan stole our hearts and completed our family on Christmas Eve 2008.  Read about our family on the Clan page.