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Memorial Page

Guinness' Story
4-12-95 to 6-29-08

Written by his Mommy

I sit in the dark, gazing at this bright shining star in the sky
Thinking of my friends, my family and how fast life goes by
I am blessed to have such a loving husband and hope I am as good as a wife
And I smile at all the wonderful dogs who have come in and out of my life.
Even though God has given me so much,
There was always this lonely part of my heart no human could ever touch.
God somehow understood and sent me this special pup,
Guinness would make sure no matter how bad life got he would never let me give up.
Only through his death now does life become so clear,
It was through him I met all of you I hold so dear.
Bev Barton will smile and say he was a little Devil at Daybar,
But I saw a little angel as he cuddled on Beth on his ride home in our car.
Kevin his Daddy hugged him with pride and joy,
But Guinness knew in his heart he would always be just “Mommy’s Little Boy”!
Over the years he and I would go head to head with all the trouble he would get in,
Only to give me a look with those big brown eyes and a kiss, he knew he would always win!
So sweet and cute, yet ornery and 100% boy,
He would go in Erin’s Whelping box and steal every puppy’s toy.
He loved our handlers Cathy, Gael and Bob,
With all his antics that made showing him an interesting job.
Just ask our show friends Don, Jeff, Lori, Dave, Jaycie and Jan
He would win your heart while getting in trouble, he was such a little ham.
Such a proud Daddy Guinness always would amaze me,
With Finnie and Mandy’s newborns how gentle he could be.
From the couch he’d watch the whelping box like a loin with his pride,
Who would ever think this tough guy had a gentle side?
As the pups got older and would pull the hair on his face,
He would be the first to teach his puppy their place.
But if he heard a puppy cry he’d get me and make sure I was there
So I know under his tough act he was just a big teddy bear!
God love our puppy Families I have grown so close to
Sandy, Wendy, Tom, Ann, Annette, Deb, Billy, Diane just to name a few,
At the Highland Games you made it such an interesting place,
And everybody who met you, you’d put a big smile on their face.
I remember the day I made you were that silly Scottish hat as a pup,
So in the middle of the parade you pooped, and I forgot my bag so I had to use my hand to scoop
And How I remember when Dad was so very ill,
How you and I would visit him every day, and you would never let him give up his will.
He use to say “My Little Buddy you always come to visit me when I am sick”
Then you would lay your head on his lap and give him a little gentle kiss with a lick.
And after Dad died I held you and cried,
You helped me through those bad times, you never left my side.
You were my heart, my soul; we shared secrets no one else will ever know,
You are part of me, how will I ever let you go?
Dr. Harr loved you; she was so sweet and kind.
She even saved Finnie’s life with your blood one time.
You could never wait to see her, you loved that place.
But I could never forget that last look on her face.
Kidney failure, heart failure, but yet she would not let us give in,
She worked so hard, testing, meds, x-rays but it was a battle she could not win.
For me you were such a brave little guy,
No matter how many sub Q needles, you trusted me and would not cry.
I can remember I hated those needles and each time you would give me a tender kiss,
To let me know it was OK, and you knew why I had to do this.
 All the pain you must have hid so I would not see
I know now how hard my little boy tried to protect me.
You laid by my side as I worked so hard on that Bushy Run Show,
I debated that day if I should even go.
I hugged you and told you Daddy and Beth would be here for you today.
You wagged your tail and gave me kisses reassuring me you would be OK
All the people at Bushy Run prayed for you and the show went well,
At the end of show I got this horrible pain in my heart but would not tell.
As I walked thought he door I told Daddy I had a pain my heart and I did not know what to do,
He said that’s odd I was just in petting Guinness and he had one too.
We both looked at each other, ran in and you looked so peacefully sleeping
I cradled you in my arms and started weeping.
You waited till I walked though that door to take your last breath,
Because you knew I was not strong enough to handle your death.
You are right; I can not bear it, a part of me died that day.
When that rainbow appeared and took my little boy away.
I took a lock of your hair and gently kissed you goodbye,
How can I ever go on without you by my side?
Some of your ashes are in a heart urn locket I wear,
Because you are being a part from me is one thing I can not bear.
So if our story has touched you in any way
Hold your dog and love him because you still have today.
For I can only hold his urn locket and look towards the ridge
And a say a prayer to my little boy who is waiting for me at rainbow bridge
The Circle will be complete and all your old ones that I see how much you care
Be assured that Guinness and I will comfort them while they wait for you to meet them there.